Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}

Apple and Cinnamon Scents

In this post, Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}, I explore the wintery aromas of Christmas and how I am attempting to keep them going into the new year.

When the children were little, every advent would bring with it the long held tradition of making apple and cinnamon decorations. Somewhere between Charlotte becoming ill and Covid, we stopped. Abruptly, without thought and without even noticing. Those little apple and cinnamon hanging ornaments became a vestige of our past.

The nose does not let go as freely as the mind and hand. My son bought me some winter wax meltlets to pop in my burner. Immediately I was taken back to the aromas of Christmases past. A time of joy, simplicity and Faith.

This week, our whole family, plus various partners, have spent two evenings together. The first was for Thomas’ birthday and the second was because one family member was struggling, so all their siblings (as well as partners!) came over to bolster and support.

We were sat at the table discussing all sorts of things into the night. There was fun in the kitchen whilst everyone helped with chores. And afterwards the boys played a computer game together on the sofa whilst the girls sat at the table, quietly planning Charlotte’s engagement party.

I was recording my video for this post, making apple and cinnamon hearts and wax meltlets. As you know, I record these silent, so the laughter of the girls and the collaboration of the boys’ playing rang through the air. There were many moments I stopped recording and just listened, my heart filling with warmth and gratitude.

Of course, it is the people and their relationships with each other that are at the heart of making a house a home. I can make rolled candles and cinnamon scented ornaments all day long, but without love it is nothing. That said, as the hearts dried out in the oven, there were many comments about how yummy the house smelled. And when I showed them all my wax hearts, they all made the right appreciative sounds, oohing and ahhing.

Gary and I hugged, utterly content with the scenes surrounding us. Our young adults are each others closest friends. When one is down, the others rally around to build them up. Life is harsh at times and we have always wanted our home to be the soft folds into which they can safely fall. It is warming to see that our children are becoming that for each other as well.

I enjoyed my homemaking that night, but I enjoyed my family more ❤️

This week I have been making some apple and cinnamon hearts, which I will be place in a wire basket and pop next to the wood burning stove. I’m hoping the heat from the stove will help infuse the air with their scents each time the fire is lit. Along the same vein, I have also made some larger hearts which I intend to place on our double radiators so that each time they heat up, the hearts will release their scent. I will also be making some small, heart-shaped wax meltlets to use in my burner. Enjoy crafting with me ❤️

One thought on “Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}

  1. Oh I bet that smells amazing!! Those are two of my favorite scents; I’m a sucker for anything with cinnamon because it reminds me of being cozy at home.


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