Habit Stacking

Have you ever heard of habit stacking? I first came across the term in Noom and since then it has come up in multiple YouTube videos I’ve watched as well as a couple of books I’ve read.

Habit stacking refers to the practice of adding a desired habit to an already established habit. Put simply – it is adding a habit you want to embrace to one you already do embrace.

This has been a game changer for me.

I am unabashed about the fact I like to be productive. Not necessarily busy all the time but definitely productive. When I achieve lots in my day I feel good at the end of it. If it’s been an unproductive day, I feel lethargic and mildly irritated with myself.

However, I do not like to be under stress. I kind of like to float through my days. I don’t really like time pressures…in fact, I don’t really like any pressure in my days.

This is a weird paradox (frankly me all over!). I suit a slower pace of life yet like to be as productive as possible.

I want each day of my life to count.

I am incredibly blessed to be able to curate my own days and ultimately paint the landscape of my own life.

This is a privilege that many do not get.

I never want to take this for granted…and I never want to waste time.

Over the past year, I have been coming to terms with my life changing slightly as my older children are now adults and my younger two are pretty independent day to day.

A lot of what kept me busy is simply not there anymore.

Part of the coming to terms process includes making different choices and beginning to fill the days with things which excite and fulfil me.

I have curated the most wonderful morning routines and evening routines, gym schedules, school schedules, writing and videography…my days are filled with delightful activities which excite me.

I particularly like looking for ways to squeeze more time out of…well, time.

Habit stacking is one way I do this.

I’ll be sharing my spring morning routine with you tomorrow. It has been developed using the concept of habit stacking. I have have paired or grouped activities together which mean I get more bang for my buck.

Join me tomorrow to find out how I get more done in the first three hours of my day that I used to in the whole of my day.

Do you ever habit stack?

6 thoughts on “Habit Stacking

  1. I came across ‘habit stacking’ in natural health podcasts and I *attempt* to put it into practice! I love your phrase ‘curate my own days’ and I think that’s a lovely way of looking at how we decide what we will spend our time on.

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    1. I always feel really blessed to be master of my own days. I think these days it’s rare as most of us have to beat to someone else’s drum. Homeschool offers us such a wonderful opportunity to design (or curate!) our perfect day. And then we get to enjoy them!


  2. I find I am most productive early in the day as well, I stay pretty busy and evenly paced until lunch and then I tend to focus on the blog and relaxing until dinner.

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