Five More Ways to Improve Your Sleep

I did not journal yesterday because Lillie and I left early to head up to London to spend a day at the UAL (University of Arts London) for an ‘offers holder day’. I’ll be writing about that on my other blog, angelicscalliwags.

So one day late, here are five more tips for a good sleep:

1. Sort Out Your Circadian Rhythm by Time Regulated Eating

I promised I’d be revisiting this! Time regulated eating has been shown to be optimum for good health and good sleep. I’m probably going to write a whole journal entry for this but suffice to say the research is very interesting.

For the best possible outcome eat between an eight to ten hour window, and to encourage the best possible sleep, fast from the last meal of the day (which will be early, remember?) until fourteen to sixteen hours later. So if you finish your last meal at six, don’t eat of drink anything until between eight and ten o’clock.

2. Eat a couple of Kiwi

Kiwi are meant to be one type of soporific food (others include bananas, milk, almonds, sour cherries…). Munch on some directly after dinner to encourage the production of melatonin.

3. Have a Specific Night-time Routine

Having a night time routine is incredibly important as it calms the body down, signalling that bedtime is imminent. This is also a great time to sort out any problems or to write them down to be dealt with the next day. This will help stop any anxiety overnight. It is also an opportunity to include other tips to improve your sleep within the night-time routine such as…

4. Cool Down Your Bedroom

Sleep comes easier and lasts longer in a cooler room. We set our night time temperature for 16 degrees over winter and this kicks in about eight in the evening. I may also open a window for a few minutes if I feel I need it even cooler. Over the summer, the window is always open and we utilise fans and room coolers when necessary.

Along the same vein, using cool Egyptian cotton bedding and sheets allows the skin to breathe and is cool to touch.

5. Use a Pillow Spray

I use a pillow spray from Feather and Down made with lavender and chamomile essential oils. I have an incredibly strong sense of smell so I spray it under my pillows on the mattress before I have my magnesium bath. By the time I return, the scent isn’t overpowering. I definitely find this helpful and it makes our bedroom smell divine!

Have you got anymore tips to add?

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