Non-Scale Victory

Twenty years ago, I gave birth to not one but two babies, who together weighed in at 13.5 Ib. They were five weeks early so goodness only knows how big they would have been if they’d lasted until term.

Ironically, I don’t usually give birth to high weighted babies. Thomas and Abigail were both just over 6Ib. (Not)funnily, the time I carry two babies they grow for Britain!

Anyway, needless to say, I was literally as wide as I was long. Gary had to put my knickers on and tie up my shoe laces, such were the indignities of having twins.

The biggest thing (no pun intended) however was the fact that my abdomens rectus muscles gave up the ghost and any chance of holding in the two babies and split, parting ways for what I thought was likely to be forever…

For the last twenty years I have had absolutely no core strength. I had tried the exercises which were meant to help bring back the muscles together but to no avail…that said, with five children I probably wasn’t the most diligent exerciser šŸ˜‰

As you know, I have been exercising (diligently this time!) since just after Christmas. I started cardio three times a week and weight lifting three times a week. It has changed slightly now because I have transferred my cardio to walking the dog outside each day and keeping the weightlifting at three times per week.

When I first started the weight lifting, I used only five machines, quickly dropping one which was two painful on my knee. However, each week I promised myself I would learn to use one more machine. I now work out for about 45 minutes and use fifteen machines, doing three sets of eight reps on each.

Yesterday, I was using the back extension with Gary looking on. He made the comment that my core strength must have really improved as I was blasting this out of the park (even if I do say so myself!).

It got me thinking that perhaps I was a bit stronger. I mean, I use the abs machine as well, but often other machines require you to hold a strong core strength whilst using them. I wondered if perhaps these muscles of mine were closing on their own volition, without me even trying.

I looked up on the internet to see how to check, and sure enough, I no longer have abdomens rectus diastasis! Somewhere between Christmas and now, my muscles had closed themselves up all by themselves!

I shall be planking soon!

How’s that for an amazing non-scale victory?!

4 thoughts on “Non-Scale Victory

  1. Well done! That is an amazing victory and your hard work is paying off! The last 3 weeks (very new, I know), I have been doing my exercise app for 20 mins a day, rather than my previous 7 minutes, partly inspired by your encouragement to make new habits šŸ™‚ I usually fall off the wagon with this sort of thing whenever we get ill or have some sort of change in routine for a week, so Iā€™m attempting to make it a strong habit just now!

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