My Resting Pulse

I got an alert this morning on my phone. It told me that over the past three months there has been a new trend in my resting pulse.

Intrigued, I clicked on the alert to find out more.

Apparently, my average resting pulse used to be 70. It is now 62.

Not a huge difference, but apparently a lower resting pulse indicates better heart health and cardiovascular fitness.

Well I never!

This got me thinking. About three years ago I switched to Apple products. On birthdays and Christmas’ I asked the whole family to give money so that I could buy an Apple Watch or iPods… These are some of the best products I have ever owned. They are such high quality, are built to last, are so intuitive to use and best of all work so incredibly well together.

I use all of them all day long, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do so.

The biggest gain for me has been to see all my health stats. Stats I would not have had access to before.

I think they are making a big difference to me. Each time a reading improves I am able to really see I am making progress. Many of my readings are now in the healthy range and those which are not are moving that way.

I realise Apple products are super expensive, but in terms of worth they blow all other products out of the water! I have had my iPods for three years now and they still work perfectly. This is the longest by far that a pair of earphones has lasted me, and I use them all. the. time. Multiple times a day and night. Suddenly that price tag does not look so big.

Each week, I look to make use of the products I own to an even greater extent. At the moment I am researching the best way to track my sleep. I love to know the quality of sleep I’m getting and whether it’s improving any. So my goal over the next wee while is to figure out how it all works and find the best app possible to help with this.

How do you use digital products to track your health?

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