Sleep Score App

I began using a new to me app at the weekend and I’ve been blown away by how good it is and how much it does completely for free!

I’ve been wanting to track my sleep with a bit more precision for a while. Mainly so I could figure out what needed improving. Sleep is such massive thing for me as a lifetime insomniac, so I did my research for this carefully.

Wanting an app which would specifically give me information regarding the different sleep stages, and wanting it completely for free, SleepScore seemed to be the best one on the market.

Each night, I set it up to record my sleep via a sonar signal. The next morning it gives me a score out of 100. My scores are atrocious! The average is about 78. Mine are between 40 and 50. However, what’s really interesting is seeing how much deep and REM sleep I get, which are often relatively high.

The app gives lots of tips and hints, breaks down the score to show you the areas you need to improve on and also gives you a handy dandy graph.

I’ve only been using this for the last few nights but I am super impressed! I’ll give you an updated review of it in a few weeks time, but I just wanted to share my find with you all.

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