I Made Some Cards!

A few weeks ago, I began art journalling. Oh my goodness, there is so much to enjoy!! Anytime I have a spare five minutes, I sneak in a bit of watercolour painting. It is so relaxing, and I love watching a scene come together.

It can be a bit frustrating when it doesn’t all come together as you had hoped, but there is lots of learning in the process.

Anyway, a few people had suggested that I turn my pictures into greeting cards, so I paid Canva to do just that.

I only had ten printed out.

I just wanted to see what they looked like and whether or not it would be worth perhaps printing out a larger number in order to sell some.

They arrived at the end of last week! What do you think?

I only got one design printed, but I thought once I had four designs ready to go, I’d perhaps print them out and sell them as a pack of four.

I already have buyers, which is incredible to me!

All because I began art journalling – how amazing is that?!

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