Do The Next Thing

Spending ten days away from home, visiting friends and family in Northern Ireland, was bliss. We all had a much needed break and came back home energised. However, three days later, I felt like I needed to go back on holiday again! I was EXHAUSTED. To be honest, I was a bit concerned. Why soContinue reading “Do The Next Thing”


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now off the amitriptyline but creativity is oozing out of every single one of my pores right now. I am drawing, painting, writing, reading, journaling, sewing, home making, baking… You may or may not know that I took the amitriptyline to help me go to sleep at nightContinue reading “Creativity”

General Progress in April

Apologies again, this will probably not interest anyone but I want to keep record of changes each month for both encouragement and accountability. Weight loss over April = 7Ib. Blood pressure = Lowered from 130/90 (average) to 120/80 (average) Resting Heart Beat = Lowered from 70 to 60 beats per minute Centimetres lost lost overContinue reading “General Progress in April”

Understanding the Rhythms in Your Day

I was a die-hard night owl. I mean a real bonafide night owl. Exhausted most of the day (usually due to a really poor night’s sleep) and zing! when I should be slowing down for the day, I’d suddenly come to life! Rinse and repeat. Deciding to come of amitriptyline was a very difficult decisionContinue reading “Understanding the Rhythms in Your Day”

Finding Joy in the Process

As I was on my walk today, I saw a green woodpecker walking down the trunk of an old tree and into a hole. I smiled contentedly, drawing a deep breath and paused. Looking round me, the sun streamed through the trees giving new meaning to the term rays of sunlight, there was chirping allContinue reading “Finding Joy in the Process”

A Smaller Plate

One of the things Noom does really well is to use research to explain eating habits. It then twists the research around to give options for overcoming specific bad habits we might not even know we have. For example, did you know that you eat less is there is less food available? And you alsoContinue reading “A Smaller Plate”