Books read in May

To continue my list of books I’ve read this year: Books so far (January to March) and in April then this month I have read: 20. Finished The Enchanted April by Elizabeth Von Arnim 21. Elizabeth and her German Garden by Elizabeth Von Arnim 22. Babel by R F Kuang 23. The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis 24.Continue reading “Books read in May”

I Made Some Cards!

A few weeks ago, I began art journalling. Oh my goodness, there is so much to enjoy!! Anytime I have a spare five minutes, I sneak in a bit of watercolour painting. It is so relaxing, and I love watching a scene come together. It can be a bit frustrating when it doesn’t all comeContinue reading “I Made Some Cards!”

Do The Next Thing

Spending ten days away from home, visiting friends and family in Northern Ireland, was bliss. We all had a much needed break and came back home energised. However, three days later, I felt like I needed to go back on holiday again! I was EXHAUSTED. To be honest, I was a bit concerned. Why soContinue reading “Do The Next Thing”

Taking Time to Listen

Each morning, at five, I walk my dog for about 40 minutes. Whilst I do listen to an Audibles book during this time, I also take moments to pray for friends as I pass by their houses. It’s incredible the answers to these prayers even though most of the people don’t even know I amContinue reading “Taking Time to Listen”

Heaven and Hell

I’m reading Babel by RF Huang at the moment, and getting lots of tidbits to write down in my common place book. Last night, there was a quote which struck a chord with me. I’m going to attempt to explain, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to adequately. Huang wrote that it was impossibleContinue reading “Heaven and Hell”


I’m not sure if it’s because I’m now off the amitriptyline but creativity is oozing out of every single one of my pores right now. I am drawing, painting, writing, reading, journaling, sewing, home making, baking… You may or may not know that I took the amitriptyline to help me go to sleep at nightContinue reading “Creativity”