Wood Burning Scripture {Winter Story 04}

One thing I am loving about my new Seasons of Joy website is that I now, rain or shine, put time aside every week for crafting. I love crafting. The term ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ applies perfectly to me. I can turn my hand to almost anything but don’t necessarily do anyContinue reading “Wood Burning Scripture {Winter Story 04}”

Home-made Winter Skin Care {Winter Story #03}

Rest. It’s not a word often associated with the 21st century. Especially living just outside London. Do more. Achieve more. Own more. More…more…more…We think the answer to everything is to just have more…of everything. My favourite videos to watch on YouTube are those about slow living. You see, I lived in Northern Ireland for threeContinue reading “Home-made Winter Skin Care {Winter Story #03}”

Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}

In this post, Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}, I explore the wintery aromas of Christmas and how I am attempting to keep them going into the new year. When the children were little, every advent would bring with it the long held tradition of making apple and cinnamon decorations. Somewhere between Charlotte becomingContinue reading “Apple and Cinnamon Scents {Winter Story 02}”

Rolled Beeswax Candles {Winter Story #01}

In Rolled Beeswax Candles {Winter Story 01}, I reminisce a little whilst creating some rolled Beeswax candles and some envelopes for keeping matches in. All this I share in my video, found at the end of the post. Do you ever wish you could keep the aesthetics of Christmas all year round? Over the pastContinue reading “Rolled Beeswax Candles {Winter Story #01}”